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Real estate is among the most profitable investments available. But traditional real estate investing requires experience, specialized knowledge, industry connections, time to manage your portfolio, large upfront capital, and exceptional credit.

With Evstra Investments, a real estate syndication company, individual investors and fund companies can leverage the knowledge, skills, and resources of our real estate experts while we do the work for you. Your investment is completely passive! And, by pooling your funds with those from other investors, we can offer you a piece of a rare, high-valuable real estate project, for a low minimum investment amount.

Evstra Investments specializes in small to medium-sized projects with shorter timeframes and limited risk. We focus on value-add and ground-up construction projects where we can quickly raise the property value and increase the profitability of our investments under any market conditions.

We also partner with well-established developers and operators in different markets across the Europe to offer deal flow and diversification to investors. 

Investors have the option to invest in equity or debt. With the equity structure, you have an ownership stake in the underlying real estate. With the debt structure, you serve as a lender to the deal. With our flexible offerings, we have projects to match any of your investment goals!

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Short and long-term investment options

With our low minimum investment amounts and flexible timeframes, you can spread your investments over multiple projects to create a diverse real estate portfolio. The portfolio will include Residential, Office and Hospitality assets.

House Flip
  • 6-12 months
  • Short-term
  • Tax benefits
  • Built to sell
  • Est. return 10% to 15%
  • Operating & maintaining asset
  • Greece’s Golden Visa
New development
purpose built branded assets
  • 2-3 years

  • Medium-term

  • Tax benefits

  • Built to sell & rent

  • Est. return 10% to 15%

  • Operating & maintaining asset

  • Greece’s Golden Visa

Mixed used Asset
refurbishment & branded assets
  • 2-3 years
  • Medium/Long-term
  • Tax benefits
  • Est. return 10% to 15%
  • Built to sell & rent units
  • Hospitality and workspaces
    Operating & maintaining asset
  • Greece’s Golden Visa


What sets Evstra Investments apart in serving investors?

  • Scouting Properties - 15 %
  • Due Diligence - 15 %
  • Property Purchase - 15 %
  • Open the Investment - 15 %
  • Design & Permit - 15 %
  • Construction - 15 %
  • Property Sale or Rent - 15 %



Why you should invest in Greece

Greek real estate is one of the most affordable among the European countries with an average property price under 1,600 euros up to 3,500 per sq.m in the major metropolitan areas.

The property price depends on the proximity to the sea, infrastructure and transport accessibility. One can buy a small flat for the price from 250,000 euros or a luxury villa at the coastline – from 1,000,000 euros onwards.

The Greek property market is growing steadily, especially in the Athens and Thessaloniki metropolitan areas. Over the last three years, the real estate price has risen by 30-32% in Athens, by 21-25% – in Thessaloniki, and by 9-14% – in the other major cities. The average price increase in the Greek property market equals 10-16% in the three-years period. The growth potential of the Greek real estate market is currently one of the highest in Europe. It is driven by the steady economic development and tourism recovery. The current Greek government is implementing a business oriented policy allowing the country to gain momentum in the post-pandemic period. Another benefit of buying real estate in Greece is the possibility to get a EU residence permit for a property investment from 250,000 euros.

Athens is the Greek economic, cultural and administrative centre with a population of over 3 million people. Europe’s largest passenger port of Piraeus is located in Athens. In the city centre, one can find a small, newly renovated apartment priced from 250,000 euros. Such apartments are the most profitable rental properties. Three bedroom apartments in comfortable areas are sold from 250,000 up to 500,000 euros. The price for private houses can go up to several million euros.

Athens becomes Europe’s most promising market

According to the PwC real estate trends report for 2022, investors and analysts expect Athens to show the highest growth in real estate prices of any European market.

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7 Key Reasons to Invest with Evstra Investment

Why Should you invest Greece?

Invest in Greece’s Resilient Real Estate Market and Embrace a World of Endless Beauty, Cultural Richness, and Lucrative Opportunities


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