Mixed use assets Information

This unique mixed used branded refurbished asset investment model provides the benefits of  selling, renting and fully operated asset for investors.

By investing in the project, you get to build equity in the property, defer taxes on those gains by continuing your investment into the rental holding phase, and then generate passive cash flow from the rental income, as well as benefit from property appreciation over time.

Beginning with the multi-use refurbishment offers multiple advantages over buying an existing rental asset. First, we have control over the unit mix selection, the unit design, hospitality or co working areas , allowing us to create spaces that will appeal to today’s renters and buyers. By offering a fully operated asset, we create instant additional value and build equity in the property before moving into the  selling or rental phase.

This well-designed investment model has been created to maximize our investors’ ROI. And this is a great option for investors looking to build a passive, long-term portfolio.

The benefits of investing in mixed used asset

This model combines the benefits of new development plus the benefits of a refurbished rentals or asset for sale. You get passive cash flow, property appreciation, tax benefits, and maximized returns!

You won’t need to analyze properties, oversee construction, find  buyers, renters, or collect rents. Evstra Investments’s experienced team of well-qualified professionals will handle every detail of the acquisition, build, and ongoing rental management for you. You get to leverage our skills and knowledge to maximize your ROI.

Quarterly disbursements from rental and hospitality income. Tenants pay monthly rent to help cover property expenses and can provide profit to the investors.

There are three different investment types available for fund of funds investments: house flips, multi-family developments, and multi-family value-adds.

Funds have the option to invest in equity or debt. With the equity structure, you have an ownership stake in the underlying real estate. With the debt structure, you serve as a lender to the deal.

House flip

These value-add investments are built-to-sell and can be completed in 6-12 months with an estimated annualized return of 15%-20% for equity investors and 6%-8% for debt investors.
Learn more about our house flip opportunities

Multi-family development

These opportunistic developments are built-to-sell and can be completed in 14-20 months with an estimated annualized return of 20%-25% for equity investors and 8%-10% for debt investors.
Learn more about our multi-family developments

Value-add multi-family

Our multi-family rentals are existing properties with value-add potential that will be remodeled and held as rentals for 3-5 years. These have an estimated annualized IRR of 15%-20% for equity investors and 6%-8% annualized return for debt investors.

Our architects create modern structures, tailored to the specific lot and designed to appeal to today’s renters and tenants that are interested in mixed used branded assets.Evstra Investments’s properties are unique in that we build large living spaces to meet market demand for roommate situations and small families who choose to rent. Co-living and co -working is trending  in Athens, which has increased the demand for properties with more than 1 bedroom. Every step of the construction process is managed by Evstra Investments. From design and permit, demolition and construction, to the finishes.

Our skilled workers confirm that every detail of the build matches our high standards. We keep investors up to date through the user-friendly online dashboard where we display the project’s progress bar and upload photos of the construction progress. We also send email updates when the project moves from one status to another.

When construction is complete, we find qualified tenants for each unit and get the property stabilized. Then, we order an appraisal to confirm the value of the newly built property.Investors will now benefit from regular passive cash flow and long-term appreciation of the new asset throughout the rental phase of the investment.Our professional property management team will handle the day-to-day operations for you.


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