What does Evstra Investments do for investors?

Our team is made of specialized experts who handle every detail of your real estate investment, including:
Evstra Investments takes care of the real estate investment process from start to finish, allowing you to maximize your return on investment from the comfort of your home.

Fund diversification

Funds can invest with Evstra investments as a way of diversifying their fund’s portfolio. Maybe your fund doesn’t have any real property holdings, and you want to use a percentage of your fund to capitalize on the real estate market. Or perhaps you are already investing in real estate, but your fund is too heavily invested in commercial, and you would like to incorporate residential. Or you might have too many long-term holdings and you’re looking to add some short-term real estate investment projects. In each case, you can invest a percentage of your fund with Evstra investments to easily increase the real estate holdings in your portfolio.

With Evstra’s flexible offerings, you can choose from value-add projects, ground-up developments, and multi-family rentals, each of which can help you create a more balanced fund portfolio.




Short-term real estate investments

Our short-term real estate investment projects provide unique benefits for fund of funds investors.Our short-term options include house flips and smaller multi-family developments with hold periods ranging from 6-24 months. These projects offer a great opportunity to funds that want a more liquid investment option.

For example, let’s say your fund has raised the capital needed for your next investment project, but your project will not need all the money immediately. Instead of leaving your money in the fund uninvested, you could put this money to work with short-term options from Evstra Investments Investment. This allows you to grow the capital in the short term and have the money returned to the fund by the time you need it.



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